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EGR-DPF-CGI Delete & Tuning Services

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Caterpillar - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

Caterpillar engine's fuel economy can be improved greatly with a DPF or CGI delete. Your truck and agricultural machinery engines will deliver unequalled performances.

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Cummins - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

It's simple: Cummins engines and parts are quality. That means better fuel economy, great reliability and good durability right off the bat. However, a good thing can always be made great. That's where we come in.

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Detroit Diesel-100

Detroit Diesel - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

EGR DPF delete work on your Detroit Diesel engine can dramatically improve performance and save fuel. 3K Calibrations tuning work is carried out by experienced mechanics and that will increase your truck or heavy machinery’s (tractor, etc.) performance.

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Hino - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

3K Calibrations are the industry leader in heavy truck tuning. We can enhance your vehicle’s Hino diesel engine’s performance with different types of alterations such as EGR delete and more.

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International - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

Whether you're using MaxxForce or another manufacturer, International engines can be improved with EGR or DPF delete tuning work. Calibration and tuning work will improve the performance of your engine.

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Isuzu - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

Isuzu diesel engine tuning will boast higher performance. Through different diesel engine repair and maintenance work, we will improve your truck’s efficiency and ensure better diesel fuel economy. 3K Calibrations is the leader in heavy truck tuning.

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Mercedes-Benz - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

Improve the performance of your Mercedes engine. 3K Calibration's EGR-DPF delete work is carried out properly, ensuring the improved fuel economy of your engine.

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Paccar - EGR-DPF-CGI Delete

The EGR DPF delete work performed on Paccar engines will add torque and overall power to your truck. 3K Calibrations are the leaders in tuning alterations on heavy trucks and agricultural machinery. When handed over to us, your vehicle will boast powerful performance, enhanced fuel economy and more.

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